Here is a little about Our Team

                                                Ron Beach 

Owner, Head Technician

Ron is a ASE Certified Master Technician. 
He has been servicing cars for over 25 years.


                                                 Amanda Griffiths (Holley)

Office Manager / Administrative Assistant

I started working at Beach Automotive in August of 2015. 

My Dad and Ron have been friends for years, even before I was in the picture. They met through and attended the same church for several years.
My Dad was also a mechanic and had his own automotive shop years ago. Ron and my Dad spent different periods of time working for and with each other. 
I grew up hearing my dad talk shop and watched him work on cars on the weekends. 
But even still I had no idea how much there was to know about cars and working on them. 
It wasn't until I started working here in the office, that I realized just how much I didn't know or understand. 
When I first started working here, I was working part time only one or two days a week. My tasks consisted of answering the phone, scheduling appointments, paying bills, and some general book keeping. 

About three months into working here, Ron realized my potential and willingness to grow and learn. 
He began teaching me other components to working at and running a automotive shop. He trained me to take on other tasks and responsibilities, so that he would be more free to focus his attention and in turn get more repairs done. Soon I became a full time employee and began fully taking on those other tasks. Tasks that Ron previously was doing on his own, while also doing the repairs on the vehicles. 

If anyone knows Ron, they know he loves teaching and helping others! Both of those things played into me learning and growing my knowledge about cars and the business world. Ron taught me so much!
He loves doing show and tell. He brings parts to me or brings me under a car so I can see and understand how something works or is supposed to work. He explains the mechanics behind things and the potential reasons for failure.
By no means am I equipped to work on the vehicles and I am no expert on mechanical terms or parts.
However I have grown a lot in my understanding and knowledge.
Now I am not only able to follow most shop talk and understand Ron's findings, but I can also communicate with the customer about their vehicle and the repairs needed. 

I do most of the work order write ups and estimates. I answer calls, emails, schedule appointments, pay bills, report taxes, pay taxes, book keeping, order supplies, look up parts, order parts, write up invoices, take customer payments, arrange after hour vehicle pick ups, some research for vehicle repairs and fixes, and contact customers with the updates and information about their vehicle repairs.

Ron and I make a great team!


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